Studio One

Brand Identity Creation + Marketing Assets/Strategy

Studio One is my next-door neighbor at the current studio - but there's much more potent stuff cooking up on the other side of my wall - they're crafting the musicians of tomorrow. 

The owners of Studio One approached me early-on with an idea for building a home studio that could be rented to local and aspiring artists in pursuit of their dreams. The plans had already been drawn up and a few walls were being built, but Studio One wasn't quite the artists' haven it is now, so we started from scratch. 

Together, we developed the "Cleared to Launch" tagline and collective ideology that has led to One's success and created an environment of holistic songwriting and productive collaboration among local artists. It was a joy to help bring this incredible creative space to life and create an inspiring and welcoming brand literally from the ground up. 


(plus, ever since Studio One opened their doors, I've been able to jam to all kinds of music while I work)

Kyle Inabinette

Graphic Designer and Brand Consultant